Service commercial enterprise Reklama 3000 is located in Bielsko-Biała, in the province of Silesia.
We have been active in the advertising industry since 2001. We deliver advertising and exhibition items to the domestic market, most of all state flags, advertising flags and flagpoles for them, guidons and enamel plates.

We have many years of experience and appropriate qualifications to conduct this type of activity, thanks to which we are able to guarantee services at the highest level. We provide reliability and punctuality. The offer is addressed to state administration offices, including town halls, municipal offices and district offices.

State flags and advertising flags, as well as:
state flags, advertising flags and aluminum, fiberglass or stainless steel flagpoles, as well as flag holders and flag racks. We recommend double-sided and unilateral flags

  • banners, desk stands and advertising stands,
  • ballot box, election materials and propaganda items,
  • enamel plates and various types of door signs, information cabinets,
  • coats of arms, state emblems,
  • bollard posts,